AMAS began 2011. with little creativity started a big dream. But who is AMAS? Passionate CEO and creative director, Petra Micic Garibovic with attention for details makes our jewellery design so special and unique. Enter the AMAS WORLD of passion, friendship, love and devotion – stack our jewels and wear it every day! Some of our items are personalized so we can make You and your friends and family happy with personal messages. AMAS bijoux jewelry is made of 925 silver with two layers of 18k gold plating, river pearls, mother of pearl, semiprecious stones and glass beads. We offer handmade bracelets, necklaces, anklets and earrings. AMAS is jewellery that is good for everyone, no matter the style, age or other differentness. Each piece of jewelry tells their own story, every person is wearing AMAS on their own unique way.

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